Sifu Jacob A. Brinnand. Wong Fei Hung Temple

Iron Wire Martial Arts 

The name "Iron Wire" is from the highest practice in our Tiger Crane (Hung Gar) Tradition. This brand name was created both as a homage to our foundational system, and to incorporate all our knowledge under one roof.  

Our Tutelage: Is the best of methods and experiences we use to teach. We have a curriculum for each student to climb, and go from beginner to advanced


Our teachings personality comes from the fighting expressions of Hung Gar Gung Fu (China), Eskrima (Philippines), Pencak Silat (Indonesia), and Kickboxing (American / Thai Boxing) .

Each student will pass through the curriculum method of learning before taking on any specialty techniques. We always build up from the basics. 

Come experience these Great Eastern Traditions today!



Student Picture Day, Rancho Mirage, Ca. 2021


The 4 Training Methods: 


1.) Sets - Retains the inner essence of fighting tradition's.

2.) Drills  - Trains practical applications. 

3.) Sparring - Trains techniques against a resisting partner.

4.) Meditation - Mindful practice to connect the Mind & Heart. 


We only train in sparring after the student learns the basics.

As every student passes through our Curriculum, we make sure to ALWAYS TRAIN SAFE!  


Our Goal  is to give the practitioner a practical stepping stone, each lesson will build from the last, eventually working towards an advanced expression.

We want you to have longevity and long life in practice, so lets train smart!

Sifu Jacob A. Brinnand (JAB)


Learn to Flow with Traditional & Modern Arts! 

Our goal is to spread the Traditions that have been passed down to us from our Grand Masters and teach you to flow naturally within the fighting arts. Please join us in discovering these colorful traditions & take a journey toward enriching your life & health today! Call or text to schedule training. 

Great Great Master Y.C. Wong was among that first generation of pioneers to actually bring Chinese Kung Fu and Martial Arts to the US, est. 1967. Initiated into the tradition through family, Grand Master Y.C. Wong was a "Live in Disciple" under his illustrious instructor Lam Jo.


He has been published in dozens of articles and is respectfully considered the senior most Hung Gar (Tiger Crane) Kung Fu authority in the U.S. today, at 89 years old. 


Master Wong instructed Jacob in traditional Hung Gar, Guan Ping Yang Tai Chi, Standing Meditation, and basics of Pek Kwa and BaGua. 


After years of dedication Sifu Jacob A. Brinnand was granted permission to teach his Gung Fu. The lessons of HARD WORK, REPETITION, GOOD CHARACTER, and HUMILITY remains our key to success in Gung Fu & more importantly to LIFE to this day!  

Kung Fu Lineage

China Town San Francisco. Jacob A. Brinnand.

Eskrima - Balintawak Lineage



Jacob A. Brinnand is a certified Instructor under

Great Grand Master Atillo. Co-Signed by Guro Dan Inosanto

 On July 21st, 2021 Sifu Jacob became a "Master" of the Original Saavedra Eskrima / Balintawak System. 


Master Atillo is a legendary Escrima Great Grand Master from Cebu Phillipines, he is known through out the world. GGM Atillo is widely known for dueling  the Greatest Fighters of the Phillipines with no protective armor. Cebu, Phillipines was the birth place of Balintawak Martial Art, he is the first generation of this Fighting System which has been passed down to him from his father. His dad learned directly from the imperator of this fighting art said to have attained incredible Sword fighting abilities.


Saavedra (The imperator) learned from a french swordsman who's lineage hailed from the great Royal Paladins or "12 Peers of France" of Charlemagne's court. Master Atillo recently released a book on Amazon sharing his history as a POW in WW2 and his Eskrima past, we encourage everyone to pick up a copy. Our teacher GGM Atillo has is treasure of the Filipino Martial Art community and we are so fortunate to be his disciple.  

Pencak Silat History


Pencak Silat.

Established Training 2011. 

10 Years Experience. 

7 Years Teaching. 

In 2011. Sifu Jacob Brinnand opened up his first first Chinese Kung Fu school in San Francisco's Mission District, this experience exposed him to other advanced practitioner's in Martial Arts, and how a Martial Gym operate's as a business.


On the opening date his sworn Kung Fu Brother Ken Brisken introduced him to a "Hidden Warrior" or "Old Rouge". This Martial Artist was a Retired Navy Seal Combatant and a true Pendekar (Master) of Silat & Wing Chun. This Veteran was highly trained with applications that were directly effective & advanced. His combat expressions & "Fight Simulators" were like a key which unlocked many applications and mysteries. He imparted upon us combat drills, practical applications, & universal principles to help us develop our fighting system. In this training, combat DRILLS are our main training methodology.


We inner door disciples of this Hidden mentor have all come to call his system "Naga Batin Pencak Silat". We all consider ourselves very lucky to have meet and trained with this man, and now openly teach his Martial Art. 

Cross Training History


Kick Boxing

Established Training 2017. 

4 Years Training.

Adding into curriculum. 

In Jan. 2017 Sifu Jacob started cross training in Ju Jitsu, the art of Grappling Martial Arts. At this gym we found the very fortunate "Chance Encounter" to become a student and train with Sifu Kathy Long!

This Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame fighter is a Professional "5 Time World Champion Kickboxer" with a sensational Pro fight record of 18–1. To this day she is one of the top female fighters in the sport's entire history. 

Her training has been vital in helping us spar correctly, how to utilize our style against other fighters, and bringing the gap between modern and older fighting arts.


Our training continues with her to this day, we implore all those sincerely interested in the Martial Arts to seek out her guidance.


In this conditioning, Sparring is the main teaching methods. 


Training with Kickboxing Master. August. 2020, Seattle Wa.

Cross Training with other Martial Arts Schools