Shaolin Hung Gar, Gung Fu 

Established Training 2005. 

16 Years Experience.

10 Years Teaching.  


Training with Kung Fu Mentor: August 2020. Chinatown S.F.

Our Curriculum:  Is a culmination of all of our experience. It sets the student down a path which continuously helps them evolve and grow. We focus on the best of techniques and methods we learned from each Martial Art, and only pass on tools which we have been authorized to teach.  

The teachings personality come from the Fighting Expressions of Hung Ga, Silat, Kickboxing, and Personal Fighting Insights extracted from experience. 



Pencak Silat.

Established Training 2011. 

10 Years Experience. 

7 Years Teaching. 


Training with Pencak Silat Instructor. August. 2020, San Francisco.

NOTE:  It's of paramount importance to us that we keep each arts history, individual culture and lineage in tact. 

Each class is around 3 hours long, we try to fit in as much as possible while focusing on your foundation:

Phase 1 is dedicated to Sets & Applications using our foundation art, Hung Gar, Gung Fu.

Phase 2 is dedicated to non-stop Combative Drills, predominantly utilizing Pencak Silat. 

Phase 3 is dedicated to Sparring strategies. Or its Open Format learning using the Question & Answer Method. 

We have taken practices, drills and applications which work directly together to form a cohesive harmony of live application.  


Kick Boxing

Established Training 2017. 

4 Years Training.

Adding into curriculum. 


Training with Kickboxing Master. August. 2020, Seattle Wa.

Training Methods: Overall we believe in 3 main Training Practices:

1.) Sets - Retains the Culture, Inner Techniques, and Essence of a Fighting art.

2.) Drills  - Trains Practical Applications, and puts theory into direct action.  

3.) Sparring - Live Training against a Resisting Partner.

Each Martial Art has a tendency to focus more on a specific category, some methods are more drill based V. sparring based.  

Our experience is designed to train you equally & safely in each main arena.


Established Training 2019

Still a grateful student, enjoying learning.  


Training with Escrima Grand Master, Sept 2019 


As every student safely passes through the Curriculum Method of learning, we make sure to ALWAYS TRAIN SAFE.

We work personally with every student to make sure the exercise's are done correctly. We learn to walk before we run! 

Our goal is to give the practitioner a practical stepping stone, each lesson will build from the last, eventually working towards an advanced expression.

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Learn to Flow with Traditional & Modern Arts! 

This picture is all of my hand written research of personal fighting methods, meditations, and principles which has also been poured into this curriculum. 

Now offering Zoom Lessons.  
Tuesday  5:30 pm - 8 pm
Wednesday  5:30 pm - 8 pm
Saturday  10 am - 1 pm
Sunday  10 am - 1 pm

Indoor Recreation Center,

Rancho Mirage Ca, 92270. 

We train in a Gated Community. 


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