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Repetition, The Mother of all Techniques!

Repetition is a formidable method of Teaching & Training utilized at the core & practice of the Fighting Arts. It is known to teachers that performing the same act thousands of times over is the quickest way to develop power, memorize material, and eventually achieve spontaneous action. Hence the age old term "More Practice".

A great modern example of this can be found in gyms with certain equipment and exercises. The Martial Arts apply that same practice but with the aim of achieving a combative result.

AUTONOMIC ACTION: Much like someone who has memorized a favorite song, movie, or catch phrase, the expressions from practice to principle eventually become instinctive.

Lessons which turn into instinct are a milestone in our Gung Fu, because from that instinct the teacher can then help to foster the talent latent inside the pupil. Spontaneous action is an outward sign of advancement, work toward this action.

Achieving Talent:

The talent achieved through these repetitions can be directed to achieve many aims.

It can be trained into one's defense responses for “Good Kung fu” as well as used to achieve good health. Inherently the material has good traits and responsibility, once you start to achieve a skill use it wisely.

Sets & Combative Drills:

Tradition is good, that is your library to constantly draw upon techniques which have stood the test of time. You will always learn something even after 10,000 repetitions, the devil is always in the finer details. Work towards developing your talent and art for the greater good of yourself, and to educate others.

By: Sifu Jacob A. Brinnand (JAB).

Iron Wire Martial Arts.

"Hard as Iron, Soft as Thread".

August 4, 2020.

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