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Night Tiger! Martial Arts Poetry...

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

A Meditation on the Fight or Flight System.

The enemy stands before me yelling like a cave-man.

Adrenaline floods my nervous system and my mouth dries to cotton.

My heart races internally, my movements halt to a petrifying slow externally.

Just breath…I clench my fists as I peel my eyes backward.

Falling inward into darkness, trying to avoid that awoken fear.

Unconsciously, searching for an escape!

Abruptly, that inner feeling halts. Then nothing…

The vacant silence gets shattered with a fearless growl, a blood curdling intonation.

It appears with a terrifying prowess, clawing its way through the night,

A half lit White Tiger, bathed in the grey moon light.

His fearless gaze pierces my heart with

glassy eyes burning yellow with fiery delight.

I open my eyes. That vision blurs and the room finds its light.

I stand now before my enemy with fear not in sight.

my foot with its footing and internal strength inside.

The rocks shake as the opponent viciously advances.

I crouch low instantly and summon that Tigers Might!

He staggers back, sensing my energies changed.

My silhouette now a reflection of a warrior three times my height.

He talks himself back, even more, then vanishes from my sight!!



Sifu Jacob A. Brinnand

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