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Kung Fu Tradition, for health and fitness.

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Learn how to use tradition which dates back 10 Generations of teachers. This pragmatic Curriculum formulated by Jacob Brinnand is used for Self Defense, fitness and as a time honored practice.

Primarily our system of Gung Fu comes from our esteemed mentor Y.C.Wong, from China Town, San Francisco. Our exposure and tutelage under the Great Teacher lead to our love, obsession and development of the fighting arts. Our Sifu is the senior most Hung Gar Kung Fu authority in the U.S. today. He learned Hung Ga under his legendary teacher, Great Grand Master Lam Jo. He also went on to learn the Gao BaGua System from Yu I-Hsein, Pek Kwa from Monkey King Kan Tak Hoi, Guan Ping Tai Chi from the Kuo Ling Yin lineage, Standing meditation and more ( . He traveled and studied with many High Level teachers & contemporaries, he vastly explored the great depths of both Internal Systems of Gung Fu & External Systems of Gung Fu.

A student wanting to learn his Gung Fu would above all need good character, and put in hard work. To learn his Martial Art one also needed to always remain humble, respect your elders, respect the material being presented and have a good heart, the character of a person weighed in heavily on the progress of the practitioner and his relationship with the instructor.

His lessons and discipline continue to influence us after 16 years, it's like a wine that gets even better with time and age. The teachings remain transferable to any field of work, study or philosophy you get involved in. This foundation has been the corner stone of our entire adult life and its our hopes to pass it on to a new and eager generation.

In deciding and being encouraged to pass on the traditions from my Mentor, not only was I inspired to follow in his footsteps of using Hung Gar as my foundation, but also in following in his footsteps of studying other effective traditions with various high level instructors.

This involvement has lead to the Curriculum we formulated to teach, its based on the best of the best of our experiences. The curriculum is the culmination of all our experiences and material in one. We make a promise here and now to pass on and teach to the best of our ability, as long as the student promises to use good character and train hard.

Health & Fitness.

The are many mental benefits that come from accomplishing and achieving ones goals, accomplishment through ones own hard work for example contributes greatly to ones character. Character is a driving force in any adults persons life, it is that thing you can depend upon when all the chips are down, its that thing that keeps you strong and pushes you to due the right thing. Its well known that champions are build from character and a coach "Sifu" would rather take someone with genuine integrity over a talented person who is involved in mischievous acts.

The History and Tradition part are also very good, it constantly reminds the student of his belonging, and helps them get more involved in the Martial Art. Getting involved in practices which promotes the best qualities of human nature is always advisable.

Unlike most sports this practice lasts practitioners their whole life if they maintain it. From start to finish it would take about 10 years of studying full time to get through everything there is to learn, then one has to mature that skill which could take even longer.

THIS IS GOOD! It may not seam so to a beginner but a lifelong practice is a very fruitful one.

Remember: The self defense and practical application side of our training one can learn much more quickly, the entire art however is again a time honored endeavor.

Fitness and Health over drugs:

Exercise is one of the best things for a human being. The very essence of our practice lies in fitness of both the body and the mind. Its well known that Gung Fu stimulates your endorphins, increases appetite, improves sleep & vastly supports you overall health.

Often times when a practicer is in the zone achieves whats called a natural high (Runners High), which helps them go further and achieve greater physical feits than they ever thought imaginable. All in all the study, involvement, and practice of Martial Arts is the best thing I ever did. It's my hope to share this health, fitness and self defense system with you.

I implore you, come join us and learn our Gung Fu.


Sifu Jacob Brinnand.

P.S. Attached is our certificate to teach & handwritten signature from my Sifu:

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