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High Level Gung Fu Grail Quest!

Many moons ago around 12am my Gung Fu Brother Ken Brisken and I were sitting on his outside porch, smoking stogies, throwing back some brews under the stars, and discussing what is high level Gung Fu and how to attain it, or even articulate it into words. Let me start out by saying Cigs, Brews and late nights are not the best way, or time to pontificate Gung Fu, LOL...It was a Great time with my Gung Fu Brother, I have no regrets!! 

I had absolutely no idea how to formulate it into words, or a path to walk to achieve it. Was it through learning the whole program of a system? Was it through learning more combat drills and entries from a Combat Veteran? Was it through learning how to use the Gung Fu combatively? DAMN!!! What is the real essence of high level Gung Fu and how does one achieve it?? Essentially, this became my High Level Gung Fu Grail Quest. 

I can safely say now after 16 years, that this discussion can continue in a much more mature way. First the cigs have to go, then the beers, then the anxiety and stress surrounding the subject. The exercise's from my Sifus original training recipe start to kick in and I begin to see more clearly, stay humble and practice hard. Only then could I begin to navigate through the mist. Also, if you want high level material you want to train like the top 3 percentile whom have ever achieved it. 

Here is where my head is at today: 

Instead of approaching High Level Gung Fu as an object, I started out by making a list and articulating the personality of my esteemed mentors, all whom achieved real High Level Talents.

#1.) They all have good character.

#2.) All of them have over 30 to 50 years experience.

#3.) All of them completely and utterly believe in their art and have tested it.

#4.) All of them are spiritual people.

#5.) All of them spent many years with a real qualified teacher.


As the list went on I recognized a pattern, the recipe for high level achievement needed high level ingredients!

The Initial Downfalls of my thinking: 

My Esteemed Mentor achieved High Level Gung Fu with all the knowledge he imparted onto us, why did I not receive it yet? 

I went on to learn High Level combat drills and training from a Navy Seal Teacher, why did I not receive it there either? 

Shit!! I also spent years with a world champion fighter, how and when will I attain greater heights?

These questions lingered on for years, countless hours spent training and searching through videos, the internet, youtube, books, meditations Etc...Only when I stopped, believed in myself and surrendered the ego did more reveal itself.

On the Grail Quest for my Authentic Combat Mastery I realized something, I was always seeking an external superfluous thing, a new technique, a new path to walk down, a new idea, whats popular etc...

This was wrong as the men/ women who came before me achieved greatness and did it with less material than they handed down to us. So, obviously it’s not about accumulation of combat drills, or collecting sparring techniques or attaining completion of a system and rank.

I pondered...


Through clarity and maturity I have come to the conclusion that High Level Gung Fu is a path, it’s an achievement, it is not some external thing but the hard way, the long way, the path of the warrior. This philosophy goes back to the beginning, the answer lies where Sifu had us start. Egoless hard work and good character!

High level Gung fu: 

#1. Full commitment. 

To achieve high level Gung Fu, one has to commit to the art. Your internal thoughts, studies, physical actions, and above all your PASSION & LOVE must be poured into it. 

This is a rare trait in todays world, it requires patience and time that people these days just do not have the luxury of. Committing both spiritually and mentally to a path is empowerment. Commitment in return fuels ones talent, it requires Dedication & Longevity similar to a marriage to achieve that top 3 percentile. Never give up, keep training.

#2. Good Character. 

Character is that thing you can depend upon when the chips are down, character is a power, good trainers will often choose good character over skill from a fighter. This helps you go the distance, not give up and become a champion. 

#3. Belief and testing: 

You must rely on your material and have absolute trust in your technique.  

You cannot achieve high level Gung fu with disbelief, often times there is nothing wrong with a technique or methodology, it’s doubt or disbelief which causes something not to work. 

Doubt is a toxic energy, it’s a negative thought which causes insecurity in your material, and then in return your self. Build up your material through a positive belief system. Eliminate doubt and create confidence in the fighter.

#4 Real Training:

Champions are built in gyms, made from other champions knowledge and from trainers, you do not become a champion by watching YouTube! Get out their and start training, above all learn that your in this for the long run, so train both hard and smart.

#5 Real material and Hard training: 

You need to have real material, you should spend years first with qualified master before going out on your own. A tree will naturally branch off on its own after it reaches a certain maturity, but it first needs strong roots before it grows, remember your foundation and history.

#6 Make it truly yours:

You got to take material which was handed down to you and make it your own. You do not have true ownership from memorization techniques or even demonstrating a catalog of applications.

Well then, when does the material become yours you ask? 

The material becomes yours when you develop a real INTERNAL TALENT for it. When you have talent that means you internalized it, and added it deep within you and it transformed into a natural expression of your self. 


Pouring full dedication, both spiritually and mentally into ones talent =

A High Level Manifestation!

Real talent, belief, love, daily practice, positive energy, good character, and getting to the gym and training like your life depends on it creates HIGH LEVEL GUNG FU!!


When you pour high level material and love into talent, you inevitably get

high level achievements in return - You are a reflection of what you put into it! 

This you must ponder upon...

Remember, it’s something you need to seek within. It’s not imparted to you, it’s gained. 

As always thanks for listening...

Sincerely & Respectfully,

Sifu Jacob A. Brinnand. (JAB)

All rights reserved...

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