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Attitude Beats Technique 90% of the time.

The concept Attitude Beats Technique 90% of the time is based upon a quote from my Navy Seal Instructor.

Attitude ultimately shapes a course for the thoughts & feelings of the mind, let’s call that course “Your Approach”.

When a real teacher begins to train you, they ultimately have to strip through all those layers which you exude to the world, they have to get to your core material and start building that up.

On the students end they have to remain humble, keep an open mind, trust the material and work really hard.

This is the greatest approach when it comes to the student teacher approach to Martial Arts learning excellence.

Here are some other thoughts on approach:

Understand that your approach ultimately shapes the path you walk upon.

If your thoughts are on revenge, then you will yield those results.

If your thoughts are to achieve success, then you will find a path to achieve success.

This is the mirror principle we learn in studying Gung Fu.

If you can change the narrative, you can work toward yielding new results.

So, If you want to yield successful results, what material do you think would be needed?

Conscious or Unconscious:

Many times a person can formulate strong conclusions and opinions with out knowing they are doing it, we call this the unconscious path. The unconscious path demonstrates an un-willingness to learn something new. Consciously we want to direct positive combative narratives into the student as a form of discipline and Martial Arts Training.

Follow the age old golden rule of “Emptying your cup”.

The Student does not know, what they do not know.

DO NOT be naive to the teachings and grand scope of Martial Arts, it has real depth.

Many view this concept as abstract, but we Martial Artists must observe attitude.

I believed for many years this quote “Attitude Beats Technique 90% of the Time” meant I had to be the Toughest & Baddest Dude on the planet, but I see now it is applied in many ways.


The Person or Situation which makes you angry becomes your master.

Control your emotions. Learn to be ferocious, but also be at peace the same time!

Thanks for listening.

Sincerely & Respectfully,

Sifu Jacob A. Brinnand (JAB)

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