SHAOLIN HUNG GAR:  Also known as Tiger Crane Kung Fu was passed down by the Spiritual Leader "Abbot" Gee Shin See of the Southern Shaolin temple 10 generations ago. 


This  pragmatic system of self defense contains rich culture, history, and Depth. Historically it has survived many diverse generations, the burning of Shaolin temple, the Ming revolutionary wars, the cultural revolution, and our modern times. To date this practice stands the test of time, it is thriving with many who benefit regularly from its practice. 

Historically, most Hung Gar practitioner's were Community Leaders, Doctors, and Great Individuals along side with being a warrior.


This System's key representative is Dr. Wong Fei Hung. His influence is known all across the world, and he has become a modern day Folk Hero in Chinese Mythology.


His impetuous style Infused both the strength of the tiger and the Illusive movements of the Crane  - Hardness & Softness overcomes! Click on all the links for more fascinating History: 10 Tigers. 


This lineage dates back to 10 Generations of Martial Arts Pioneers.

It shares an incredible history of remarkable & historical Martial Artists. 


Sifu Jacob is 4th Generation instructor from its Folk Hero Wong Fei Hung.

We hope our students will join us in training and in meeting our teacher.


This form of Kung Fu Martial Arts should not be confused with modern WuShu. This practice is passed on from teacher to student, each new generation contributing new material for the next.

Major proponents of this system have dedicated entire live's developing this dynamic fighting art.

Our contribution can be found through our Curriculum, designed for each students growth and success in our Martial Art.




Tai Chi

Guang Ping Tai Chi Has been known to be "The Lost" Yang Style Tai Chi Form. This particular practice is said to contain the Yang Family's main fighting expressions. This practice is more direct with its application and overt with its combative movements. 


Tai Chi translates as "Supreme Ultimate Boxing". 


Though originally conceived as a martial art, it is also typically practiced for a variety of other personal reasons: competitive wrestling in the format of pushing hands (tui shou), demonstration, competitions, and achieving greater longevity

Picture Courtesy of Sports Illustrated. 

Standing Meditation. 


Main Posture of Yi -Chuan 

Zhan Zhuang Meditation (Derived from the Yi Chuan Fighting Style to strengthen Internal Power, Martial Arts structure and Health.)

Martial Meditation practice is distilled from the essence of several martial art styles Hsing Yi, Tai Chi, Pa Kua  and Shaolin It also derives its methods from Buddhist and Taoist Chi Kung

The founder, Wang Hsiang-chai, was a highly respected master of legendary skills who spent many years researching and practicing martial arts during the early part of the twentieth century. 

Standing Meditation emphasizes training of the mind as well as the body. Its practice leads to heightened awareness and sensitivity, and develops a strong framework for health and self-defense using the natural force of the body-chi