10 Generations of Hung Gar - 5 Generations from Wong Fei Hung

Lam Sai Wing 

Lam Jo

Y. C. Wong

Instructor: Jacob

Hung Gar: Was passed down by the Chief Spiritual Leader "Abbot" (Gee Shin See) of the Southern Shaolin temple. It is a very practical and effective system with much culture & Depth, historically it has been though many diverse generations, the burning of Shao-lin, several revolutionary wars, and to date it is thriving. 

Most Hung Gar practitioner's historically were Community Activists, Doctors, Bone setters and wise individuals along with being top fighters. We too are dedicated to betterment of self through the traditions of Martial Arts. One Key "Hung Ga" figure was DR. Wong Fei Hung, His style Infused both the strength of the tiger and the Illusive movements of the Crane  - Hardness & Softness overcomes! Click here for history:  Hung Gar 10 Tigers  

This Authentic form of Kung Fu Martial Arts shares a rich history. Not to be confused with modern WuShu. This practice has been passed down through 10 generations of Martial disciples, all contributing new and innovative knowledge for each passing generation. Major proponents of this system have dedicated entire live's developing this dynamic art. Inside Kung Fu stated "Y.C. Wong is a highly qualified teacher and one of the worlds most renowned instructors". It is our goal to pass on these wonderful traditions so many can benefit.

Humility, perseverance, and understanding of the principles are the keys to Kung Fu perfection, the mental and physical dimensions of the art must be united and strengthened. Woven together with internal styles are the external techniques, when there's balance between self, technique, power, we begin to see Kung Fu.   

Sifu Wong: Was one of the Chief organizers for the First Open to Public Martial Arts Gung Fu Exhibition in America, Dated 1967. That performance ignited the Kung Fu Craze! 

Grand Master YC Wong was a live in student with his high level teacher Lam Jo, pupil of the famed Lam Sai Wing, G.M. Lam Sai Wing was a disciple of Folk hero Wong Fei Hung. A direct lineage back to Siu Lam. 

GM Y.C. Wong notably went on to learn Pek Kwa from G.M. Kan Tak Hoi, Gao Ba-Gua from Master Yu I-Hsein, Tai Chi from G.M. Lien Yin 'Kuo" and Internal Standing Meditation from Wong ang Ping along with many other masters. Sifu Jacob is happy to carry on this tradition to the best of his ability. HISTORICAL PICTURES BELOW. 

6 of the 12 Weapons we Train. 

NOTE: In 2007 Sifu Jacob followed his mentor to the birthplace of Hung Gar for the 160th anniversary of Wong Fei Hung in China's GuangDong Province. World Wide attendance from Gung Fu masters along with Hung Ga Sifu's around the world celebrated, performed, and brought out their Kung Fu. The historic event was covered on China TV and news papers in which Sifu Jacob made the front page for his performance. We trained with Shaw Brothers Kung Fu movie legends and most notably great masters from many traditions including Grandmaster Lam Jo who oversaw the gathering.

Notably: In 2010 Sifu Jacob won 1st place in the National U.S. Championship for wielding his specialty weapon the "Dai Guan Do".


Main Posture of Yi -Chuan 

Hong Xing Yuan -Chi Gong

Zhan Zhuang Meditation (Derived from the Yi Chuan Fighting Style to strengthen Internal Power, Martial Arts structure and Health.)

Martial Meditation practice is distilled from the essence of several martial art styles Hsing Yi, Tai Chi, Pa Kua  and Shaolin It also derives its methods from Buddhist and Taoist Chi Kung

The founder, Wang Hsiang-chai, was a highly respected master of legendary skills who spent many years researching and practicing martial arts during the early part of the twentieth century. 

Standing Meditation emphasizes training of the mind as well as the body. Its practice leads to heightened awareness and sensitivity, and develops a strong framework for health and self-defense using the natural force of the body-chi


Yang Lu-Ch'an

Founder of Yang Tai Chi

Lien Ying "Kuo"

Yang Pan-Hou

Eldest Son of Yang

Kung Fu Master

Est in SF 1967

Wang Jiao-Yu

No picture available

Jacob Brinnand


Guang Ping Tai Chi Has been known to be "The Lost" Yang Style Tai Chi Form. Tai Chi translates as "Supreme Ultimate Boxing". Though originally conceived as a martial art, it is also typically practiced for a variety of other personal reasons: competitive wrestling in the format of pushing hands (tui shou), demonstration, competitions, and achieving greater longevity

Main Posture of Yi -Chuan 

Hong Xing Yuan -Chi Gong

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