Iron Wire Martial Arts (I.W.M.A.)

The brand name "Iron Wire" is derived from my highest practice in Kung Fu. This Academy was created to bring together all my experience & training into one body of knowledge (I.W.M.A.).  

Our Academy: 

Under the keen guidance of qualified instructors, we have consolidated a highly effective training course. Each student will have the opportunity to learn our best techniques inside & out.

I am a private school fully qualified to teach 2 lineages & the I.W.M.A. system of Martial Arts. Our Curriculum consists of the best tactical methods delivered in cooperative courses & drills. 





I.W.M.A. Academy: Saturday 9am - 11:30am
Tuesday: 5pm - 7:30pm

Our Curriculum: 

Is perfect for both beginners and experienced students alike. This training is how I pass on my knowledge and experience to you. 


Any age or level of practice is welcome. We are open to training all students with good intentions to learn. 


We train only pragmatic and effective techniques which can be applied today! This training is our key to understanding the fighting arts while maximizing your personal power and growth.  


Along with being a great practice, it's an effective tradition which one day you can teach or pass on for generations to come. 

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Our Curriculum is derived from my teachers in Silat & Kickboxing, it Consists of 7 Major Parts. 

1.) 24 Sequences of Attack Responses: "How to respond & counter attack".

2.) 14 Entry Drills: "How to engage in striking & Finishing"

3.) Footwork Drills: "How to move using dynamic angles & openings"

4.) 8 Twining Hands: "Spiraling power used to confuse opponents"

5.) Knife Martial Arts: "Learn our Knife Fighting Martial Arts"

6.) Empty Hands: How to Defend, Counter & Evade all Strike Angles.

7.) Knees & Kicks: How to Defend, Counter & Evade all Kicking Angles.

We are proud to have learned directly from the source of great teachers & traditions. Our wish now is to pass it on to you! I hope this next generation can benefit as much as it has enriched my life. 


Words cannot express how grateful I am to all those who study hard, have good character and walk the path of a Martial Artist. 

Please join me in discovering these colorful traditions, take a journey toward benefiting your life and begin training today.


For more information please visit our history & the remaining tabs on our website. Thank you all in advance for your time. 

New Generation of Students