What is training like with Sifu Jacob? 

Usually the type of student's attracted to this system are adults

seeking something tangible and meaningful in the Martial Arts.

If you are looking for a fully engaging practice that

is fulfilling both Spiritually & Physically, you have come to

the right place. 

Payment & Scheduling:

Payment is only $25 per lesson.

The average student books training 1-2 times a week. 

Each training session is 2 - 3 hours long.

There is no hidden costs or cancelation fees. 

Private lessons are an excellent way to go if you have scheduling needs. 

Private lessons are just $50 for a lesson.

We are working on creating a Kids Course. If a minor is interested

we ask that the parent or guardian be present during practice.  


We train in a gated community at "The Colony"

In Rancho Mirage Ca, 92270. 

We have a 1,000 Square feet studio, which has been crafted into

a Traditional Gung Fu Training Hall with all the amenities needed 

for groups and training. Bathroom, Water, and plenty of 

seating and parking is available.

For big events & larger group setting we have the Grand Ball Room

where we hold seminars and courses (Beginning Wednesdays) 

Bring a friend; Spectators or friends are all welcome to observe and join. 

Please schedule an appointment in advance as you will need a gate code 

and to confirm Times / Booking Dates with Sifu Directly.

Contact us today for more information! We look forward to seeing you.

Training Information: 

We have a curriculum for each student to walk through.

A curriculum allows for a student to move from beginner to advanced.

Each section is done safely.

We do not force any pupil to indulge in any activity they feel uncomfortable with.

One can create a strenuous training session, or a relaxing one, again the growth and pace depends on the student. 

Uniforms & Equipment:

We train in comfortable exercise outfits which allow your body to move freely. Please wear fresh clothes and deodorant to class.

A class T-Shirt Costs $20 Dollars a Shirt. 

You will need to eventually buy 5 Ounce Gloves, Boxing gloves, Shin Pads and Modern/ Traditional weapons as one learns them. 

Belts & Rankings:

Most Martial Art Systems use Rankings based on belts.

We come from the ancient family system where the Sifu permits the Pupil to pass on the knowledge after he reaches an advanced stage. 

When the student finishes the curriculum and can teach it, he is then permitted to pass it along for the next generation. 

Learning from our Grand Teachers:

We STRONGLY encourage all who train with us to come meet our teachers still living and training.

Come train with us in China town San Francisco, Meet and train with a Navy Seal, Learn from a 5 time world Champion and train with an original founder of Balintawak. 

See you soon, and thank you for your interest. Call or Text 760-537-0746. Kind Regards, Sifu Jacob A. Brinnand. 

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