We continue to develop ourself through positive training, and by working with advanced

practitioners in the Fighting Art's.

Guro Dan Inosanto & Sifu Jacob Brinnand

Guro Dan Inosanto & Sifu Jacob Brinnand. Guro Dan Inosanto is the living descendant of Jeet Kune Do directly passed onto him from Bruce Lee. Guro Inosanto has an incredible legacy and has truly influenced the world of Martial Arts with his impactful teachings. We are fortunate he holds public seminars with great teachers around the world regularly at his gym's headquarters in LA.

Gordon Liu (Kung Fu Legend) Aka, "The Master Killer" and Sifu Jacob Brinnand

Gordon Liu is truly a Gung Fu Legend, nicknamed "The Master Killer" this Movie Star & Hung Gar Master has been featured in hundreds of films. Most recently he has been featured in the movie Kill Bill, he played the Kung Fu priest Pai Mei.

Muay Thai Fighter "Kru Jack" & Sifu Jacob Brinnand

Muay Thai Fighter "Kru Jack" was an assistant teacher in the Muay Thai World Tour; Featuring the Yokkao Fight Team and its best fighters from Thai Land.

Mok Gwai Lans Grand Son

Mok Kwai-Lan was the fourth spouse of Lingnan Martial Arts Grandmaster Wong Fei-Hung. We traveled to her Grandsons Gung Fu studio (Sifu Lee) in Hong Kong to meet this living descendant from the Wong Fei Hung lineage.

With Shaw Brothers Movie Stars.

Sifu Jacob A. Brinnand featured with world famous Shaw Brothers Kung fu Movie Stars,   Chen Kuan-Tai & Gordon Liu (Lau Gar Fai). Their famous fight scene can be seen featured in the movie "Challenge of the Masters".

The Grandmasters

Featured in this photo is Grand Master Jung, Bak Mei Kung Fu representative, Grand Master Lilly Lau, the Eagle Claw Gung Fu representative & Grand Master Y.C.Wong. ​

"The Undisputed King of Muay Thai".

"The Undisputed King of Muay Thai" The World Champion Legend Saenchai. CLICK LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsP-KQLtcgE Sifu Jacob Brinnand had the fortunate opportunity to film his techniques, and train with this sensational fighter! He has gone down in history as the best fighter in the sport to date!

The 3 Kings of Balintawak

The 3 Kings of Balintawak (Escrima) seminar. This picture was taken in Guro Dan Inosanto's School. July 2019.

Muay Thai Seminar

Seminar Featured at Heart & Pride Muay Thai.

Hung Gar

Hung Gar Kung Fu School class photo! Picture taken at my Great Mentors 50th Anniversary, 2017.

Pictures from our journey into Hong Kong & China.
Note: In the upcoming years we have plans to travel the world to study more about the Traditions.


We encourage our Students to meet and train with our teachers directly! 

Lineage & Associated Press.  

Great Master & Student.

Sifu Jacob Pictured with Grand Master Y.C.Wong, His first student Dai Si Hing Thomas Lo and our teachers teacher Lam Jo at 99 Years old. October 2nd (our birth date) China, 2007.

Gao Ba Gua Master.  Yu I-Hsein

Gao Ba Gua Master.  Yu I-Hsein & my instructor.

Grand Master Lam Sai Wing

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lam_Sai-wing Lam was born in Nanhai district, Guangdong. He followed the customs of his ancestors and learned the traditional martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine Dit Da of his family; from his father Lam Che-chung, grandfather Lam Bak-sin and granduncle Lam Geui-chung, and progressed to learn from Wu Kam-sing (胡金星), a northern Chinese boxer known only by the surname of Kang (康), and Chung Hung-san (鍾雄山). He later learned from Wong Fei-Hung!

Kuo Lien Ying

Tai Chi Master Kuo Lien Ying, Chinatown SF.  This great teacher taught in San Francisco for many years, his style of Guan Ping Tai Chi is rare and was passed onto us through our teacher.


Signed Copy from our promotion in several newspapers and magazines form our trip to China in 2007.

China Town Newspaper

For 50 years my esteemed mentor has been active in teaching and promoting Martial Arts in China Town San Francisco. We were lucky on many occasions to be featured in these promotions.

Eddie Jafri

Picture of Pendekar Eddie Jafri.

Lam Jo.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lam_Cho Lam was born at Ping Chau village at Guicheng Subdistrict, Nanhai District of Foshan in Guangdong on 27 February 1910. At a young age he was orphaned and was adopted by his uncle Lam Sai-wing (林世榮), a disciple of the famous Hung Ga martial artist Wong Fei-hung. Lam Cho was trained in Hung Ga by Sai-wing at the age of 6 and also practiced in Traditional Chinese medicine Dit Da. By the age of 16 he was already an established Hung Ga instructor.

Master Kan Tak Hoi.

Nicknamed the Monkey King. Great Grand Master Kan Tak Hoi attained legendary skill in his Gung Fu Martial Art Tai Shing Pek Kwa. He taught my Sifu the Axe Hand fist of his Gung Fu.

Kung Fu Studio

An inside look into our Sifu's Gung Fu studio in China Town San Francisco. This gym and its principles have stood for over 5 decades.

Grand Masters

1967 First "Open to Public Kung Fu Exhibition" in U.S.A. organized & hosted by Grand Master Y.C. Wong & Wing Chun Grand Master Chris Chan (Bruce Lee's Gung Fu Brother). An event which ignited the Gung Fu Craze.


A certification granted to Sifu Jacob Brinnand.

Y.C. Wong

Grand Master Y.C. Wong's signature on Sifu Jacob Brinnand's class picture in Palm Springs Ca.