Disciples Ken Brisken & Jacob Brinnand Sparring
Great Grand Master Atillo. 

Disciple Jacob A. Brinnand poses with his mentor
Great Grand Master Atillo. 

On April 24, 1975, GM Atillo and his father formally seceded from the original Balintawak organization and founded the New Arnis Confederation of the Visayas and Mindanao (NACVM) which was later changed to the Philippine Arnis Confederation (PAC). The purpose of the new confederation was to propagate the Balintawak style of Vicente “Inting” Atillo and the hard-hitting style of the legendary Teodoro “Doring” Saavedra. The PAC later became the first eskrima organization in Cebu to affiliate with the newly formed National Arnis Association of the Philippines (NARAPHIL).


In 2001, GM Atillo renamed the PAC to the Atillo Balintawak World Arnis – Eskrima Original Saavedra Style and relocated to the United States to spread the art of Atillo Balintawak Eskrima – Original Saavedra Style throughout the world.

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Eskrimadors from all over the US gathered for GGM's 
Birthday Celebration. 

Lineage & Family Tree

Founding fathers of Doce Pares

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Great Grandmaster Atillo is a Filipino Martial Arts legend and the founder of "Atillo Balintawak Eskrima – Original Saavedra Style". 

GGM Atillo was the youngest member of the famed Balintawak Self Defense Club founded in 1952 by Venancio “Anciong” Bacon along with other legendary Eskrimadors to include Delfin Lopez and his father, Vicente “Inting” Atillo.

Grandmaster Atillo is one of the most famed Eskrimadors of the Philippines. He has consolidated his astonishing depth of knowledge and decades of experience into a single style of Balintawak Eskrima that is based upon the hard-hitting fighting style of the legendary fighter, Teodoro “Doring” Saavedra.

We are proudly promoting, mastering, and propagating our Great Grand Masters Eskrima. Check out his website link here https://atillobalintawak.com

We encourage everyone in Southern California to meet him and learn. We diligently train and will continue to pass on this brilliant system

to all interested in learning with an earnest heart. 

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