The System M.A.  

The System M.A. is the brand name for our School.

Our school was established in 2011 with the goal of educating, promoting, and practicing real Martial Arts.   

What is our Curriculum?

This path contains the absolute best of our 16 year training experience. The Curriculum is a culmination of all our lessons in one body of knowledge. It has been carefully crafted to benefit new Martial Art practitioners.

Course History.

Our fortunate experience comes from years of training with Highly Qualified Mentors, and from extracting  methods passed down to us through practice. 

History of Remarkable Teachers listed below. 

Sifu Jacob in GuangTung Province - China 2007

Master of Gung Fu, Grand Master Y.C. Wong

Sifu Jacob Brinnand always had an affinity towards Martial Arts since early childhood. He first gained exposure to his foundational art Hung Gar in 1999 in Sunnyvale Ca. It was not until 2005 however when the real tutelage under the Great Gung Fu Master Y.C. Wong would begin in historic Chinatown San Francisco.

Great Master Y.C. Wong was among that first generation of pioneers to actually bring Chinese Kung Fu and Martial Arts to the US, est. 1967. initiated into the tradition through family, Grand Master Y.C. Wong was a "Live in Disciple" under his illustrious instructor Lam Jo. He has been published in dozens of articles and is respectfully considered the senior most Hung Gar Kung Fu authority teaching today in the U.S. at 88 years old. Master Wong instructed Jacob in traditional Hung Gar, Guan Ping Yang Tai Chi, Standing Meditation, and basics of Pek Kwa and BaGua. After years of dedication Jacob was granted permission to teach. The lessons of hard work, repetition, good character, and humility remains our key to success in life and Gung Fu to date. 

Great Grand Master Lam Jo, at 99. yrs. old. 1910-2012      

Student Picture Day in Palm Springs, 2017

Navy Seal Veteran. Pencak Silat, Pendekar

In 2011 Jacob opened his first first Chinese Kung Fu school in San Francisco, on the opening date his sworn Kung Fu Brother Ken introduced him to a "Hidden Warrior"  a true Pendekar (Master) of Silat & retired Navy Seal combatant.

This Veteran was highly trained with 50 years practical experience. So impressed with the flowing Combat drills and direct practical applications, we ourself became a pupil in the "Old Street Hand Method" of Boxing.


This training has contributed tremendously to the way we train Martial Arts, and how to act in times of great danger. Please understand our wish to not publicly identify him. After a student is accepted we can formally discuss Background & History. Until then this Combat lineage goes under the psudo name "Tribal Silat".  

1967 First "Open to Public Kung Fu Exhibition" in U.S. An event which ignited the Gung Fu Craze. 

          Hosted and organized by Y.C.Wong Gung Fu                         

Training would run late into the night. 

5 X World Champion Kickboxer. Master Kathy Long

We continue to cross train and learn at every opportunity. 

Jan. 2017: While cross training in a Ju JItsu gym. Jacob found the very fortunate opportunity to train and eventually become a student of Sifu Kathy Long.

This Black Belt Magazine Hall of Famer is a 5 Time World Champion Kickboxer with a sensational pro fight record! She is among Royalty in Muay Thai / Kickboxing, MMA, & Kung Su circles.  

Her training has been vital to helping us bridge the gap between traditional arts and sparring techniques. Training continues to this day, and for that we are very fortunate. 

Our Students Train with our Teachers

Great Grand Master of Escrima. Master Atillo

On July 13th 2019, Sifu Jacob became a "Disciple" of the Original Saavedra Escrima / Balintawak System. 


Please Note: We continue to evolve our knowledge with more time and experience, keeping the arts alive. Our pursuit is to explore the depths of our great arts and pass it on to the next generation. We welcome you to train with us, and to one day train with our masters as well. 

Learning continues from The Grand Master of Escrima

Now offering Zoom Lessons.  
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We train in a Gated Community. 


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