Authentic Hung Gar, Silat Combat Drill's, Muay Thai/ Kickboxing Sparring, and Escrima Weaponry have been added into a a very effective and cohesive body of knowledge we call The System M.A.

Its our firm belief that a balance between Sets/Applications, Combat Drills, Sparring, Weapons Training and then added meditation makes one a well rounded practitioner of the Martial Arts. 


Expect to train equally in every four main study in Martial Arts. In every lesson we give the student techniques, test its application, then combat drills, and finally proper Sparring for those techniques. 


Hung Gar, Pencak Silat, Kickboxing, Escrima. 

Sifu Jacob always had an affinity towards Martial Arts since early childhood. He first began his Hung Gar Journey in 1999 in Sunnyvale Ca. It was not until 2005 however when the formal tutelage under the Great Gung Fu Master Y.C. Wong would begin in historic Chinatown San Francisco. Great Master Y.C. Wong was among that first generation of pioneers to actually bring Kung Fu and Martial Arts to the US, est. 1967. initiated into the tradition through family, Grand Master Y.C. Wong became a live in disciple under his illustrious instructor Lam Jo. He has been published in dozens of articles and is respectfully considered the senior most Hung Gar Kung Fu authority teaching today in the U.S. at 87 years old. Master Wong instructed Jacob in traditional Hung Gar, Guan Ping Yang Tai ChiStanding Meditation and basics of Pek Kwa and BaGua. After years of dedication Jacob was granted permission to teach the tradition of Authentic Gung Fu. The lessons of hard work, repetition, good character and humility remains our key to good kung fu today

Guang Tung Provance - China 2007

The Iron Butterfly

Pencak Silat Instructor and Special Ops Veteran

In 2011 Jacob opened his first first Kung Fu school in SF, on the opening date his sworn Kung Fu Brother Ken introduced him to a "Hidden Warrior"  a true Pendekar of Silat & retired Navy Seal combatant. His practices stay outside the realm of popularity. This Veteran was also highly trained in Wing Chun, Southern mantis & Judo since the early 1970's. His skill was undeniably deadly with 50 years practical training. Jacob was so impressed with this ability that he shortly closed his school until he learned more from him. Training in  "Old Street Hand" Gung Fu would always be at night with dark glasses on. Per the request of my teacher I have called it "Tribal Silat" to conceal our practices & respect his privacy until a student is formally accepted into our Grand Lineage.  

Jan. 2017: While cross training at a Ju JItsu Gym studying Grappling, Jacob found the very fortunate opportunity to train with Coach Kathy Long.

This Black Belt Magazine Hall of Famer & is a 5 Time World Champion Muay Thai / Kickboxer & MMA Royalty. She also holds a Black Belt in Kung Fu San Soo, Aikido, BJJ. 

She travels the world giving seminars on Martial Arts & Self Preservation Techniques. Our training with her still continues this day and we are fortunate for her lessons. 

NOTE: On July 13th 2019, Sifu Jacob has begun his tutelage under Grand Master Atillo, he is a "Disciple" of the Original Saavedra Escrima / Balintawak System. 


Every chance we get we continue to visit our Grand Teachers and invite you to come with us to Seminars in LA, San Francisco and locally.  Come train with us and from  great masters of Martial Arts living today. 


We welcome new comers into our studies "with a good heart" eager to learn our traditions. Please E-Mail us today and join us. "Keep the Flame Alive". TheSystemMA@Gmail.com 

PS. Never stop learning and growing. Lessons are all around us, be open to them. 

Master Y.C. Wong with pupil Jacob

Great Grandmaster Lam Jo @ 99 years of age 

1967 First open to public Kung Fu exhibition at War Memorial SF  

Sifu Jacob in Nanhai - China 2007

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